Our Story

When our passion became our only choice, LowcountryEclectic was born

"But as the days passed, the kids kept bringing beautiful branches to us that they found while exploring their new surroundings. The innate loveliness of the branches begged for a second life in the form of a unique creation and thus was born the idea to create our Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings; we're proud to be the ORIGINAL home of the wood slice diffuser jewelry."


"We weren't born here but we got here as soon as we could."

Though this saying was coined and made famous in Texas, it perfectly describes our journey to the Lowcountry. A lot of people thought we were crazy to do something as drastic as selling our house and all our things and quitting our jobs to move here but we wanted to be closer to family and to give our children the chance to live in a wild and beautiful land so we made the decision to move to the Lowcountry of South Carolina several years ago and we are so glad we did! It took everything we had to get here but it has been totally worth it. The people of the South Carolina Lowcountry are kind, caring, honest and have a great sense of what really matters in life.

When we moved here we fell in love with the Lowcountry and we are proud and thankful to call this piece of America home. We are a homeschooling family with 4 kids and the historical, ecological and zoological wonders of the Lowcountry instantly had us enchanted and thrilled. We still find it amazing that we get to live in such a beautiful land. But all was not beach trips and picnics. Finding work was hard and we were running out of time to find good jobs and a place to live. So we decided to do something drastic again---we started a business.

When we first arrived in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina, the noseeums (as the locals call the pesky mosquitoes that swarm in the marshlands) were pretty aggravating and deeply vexing as we tried to work outside. From my herbalist studies, I knew that essential oil of Eucalyptus Citriodora was a powerful pest repellent and that the xylem and phloem in the wood would be a perfect for absorbing and diffusing EOs, so I asked Tommy to cut a slice of wood from one of the many branches the kids found on their walks so that I could use it to diffuse the oil. Having a background in jewelry making, it was a natural decision for us to put the wood slice on a chain and wear it to diffuse the EO and thus was born the original wood slice diffuser jewelry. The reaction from the herbalist, aromatherapy and natural healthcare communities was swift and overwhelmingly enthusiastic and we are grateful to be able to create unique, original diffuser jewelry and accessories for the natural healthcare community and individuals around the world.

We like to keep the process organic both literally and figuratively. The wood is harvested by my family here in the Lowcountry and is never treated with any chemicals. We do all of the wood burning by hand to retain the authenticity of the the creative process and because we just like to work closely with nature.

All of the wood comes from land that is free from pesticides or herbicides. The wood circles vary, but we use mainly Magnolia, Plum and numerous varieties of Oak to create our diffusers. The wood is harvested sustainably by selecting fallen branches and prunings made with the tree's long term health in mind. Our proprietary dehydration process enables the wood slices to absorb and diffuse essential oils day in and day out.

Since starting LowcountryEclectic we have been very blessed by the enthusiasm and positive feedback from our customers. We are ALWAYS happy to work with our customers to create custom pieces that hold great meaning for them and allow the customer to feel connected to their LowcountryEclectic original piece.

If you would like to design a piece of Diffuser Jewelry or any jewelry or leather creation, please feel free to contact us via this Etsy shop or direct email at AmandaLowcountry at gmail dot com.

New ideas are always being realized, explored and perfected here at LowcountryEclectic so be sure to check back often!

Be well. Be Blessed.

--The LowcountryEclectic Team