The Gumball Jackpot Collection

๐Ÿ’– Collections Inspired by the Whimsy of Childhood Dreams ๐Ÿ’–


Hey, y'all! Amanda here =)

A while back I was thinking over fond childhood memories of gazing with wide eyed wonder at the gleaming array of bright, colorful gumball machines at the grocery store while my mom would be in the checkout line. I remembered looking up and seeing THAT ONE THING in the machine that I wanted so very much. One day it was a puffy Strawberry Shortcake sticker, another day it was a plastic charm for my charm necklace. It changed from week to week but there was always that one thing that caught my eye and made me think "If I got that, I would totally be hitting the gumball jackpot!" But, alas, quarters were hard to come by as a kid so it was never to be.

I was soon roused from my remembrances by an Etsy cha-ching and reminded that I am a full time jewelry designer and maker. Then I thought, "Hey! That's right! I make fun stuff for a living and I can totally make stuff that the kid in me (and lots of other people) would love TODAY!"

So I sketched out some designs, shared them with my daughter Samantha and we got to work on the collection we have here. Our goal was to create delightful pieces that capture the whimsy of childhood dreams. We call this collection Gumball Jackpot, of course!

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