Bulk Order -- 10 Diffuser Necklaces Made with Organic Wood -- FREE SHIPPING

  • $ 80.00


Whether you're an EO consultant looking for a fun way to boost sales, or your planning a party or shower and are looking for a perfect party favor, this lot of hand made Diffuser Necklaces are perfect!

LowcountryEclectic is the home of the ORIGINAL tree slice diffuser jewelry and we use ONLY locally sourced untreated wood. The wood is harvested by my family here in the Lowcountry and is never treated with any chemicals. All of the wood comes from land that is not treated with pesticides or herbicides. The wood circles vary, but we use mainly Magnolia, Plum and numerous varieties of Oak to create our diffusers. The wood is harvested sustainalby by selecting fallen branches and prunings made with the tree's long term health in mind.

Simply select the charm you would like for your order and your necklaces will be made-to-order. If you'd like a combination of charms, send us an email (AmandaLowcountry @ gmail.com) and we'll get that set up.

Given that these are wholesale priced, these necklace will not come with the packaging or vials of EO blend that the regularly priced listings come with and are NOT eligible for coupon codes or the bonus Tree of Life offer

Please feel free to contact Amanda at amandaLowcountry at gmail (! dot) com if you have questions or want to discuss bulk pricing for other items in our shop


All of the items in our shop are our own ORIGINAL designs. This shop was created out of a love for crafting and a desire to offer high quality, originally designed, affordable, lovingly made jewelry, leather crafts and natural healthcare creations that are crafted from ethically sourced materials and years of product development.

This shop enables us to pay the rent and put food on the table for our family so we must defend ourselves from creative theft. Please respect our designs and if you are tempted to steal others' ideas for your own gain, please realize that you are depriving yourself and the world of the awesome, original ideas that are inside you if you'll just look deeper. The world needs your unique creative genius so please, BE ORIGINAL. ----------------------------------------------
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Designs, text and photos are all copyright LowcountryEclectic 2014. Process and materials are protected per 15 U.S.C. §1125. Copycats and knockoff producers will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

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