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Wonderfully absorbent, this leather bracelet is created with locally harvested wood is an excellent personal diffuser for your essential oils or EO blends.

You can choose to have just the leather on the bracelet to be the diffuser, or we can add a little wood slice for no extra charge.

The wood is harvested by my family here in the Lowcountry and is never treated with any chemicals. All of the wood comes from land that is not treated with pesticides or herbicides. The wood circles vary, but we use mainly Magnolia, Plum and numerous varieties of Oak to create our diffusers. The wood is harvested sustainalby by selecting fallen branches and prunings made with the tree's long term health in mind.

Each one of our diffuser bracelets come with a vial of our current featured essential oil blend (see Shop Announcement on the store home page to see what blend is currently featured).

The bracelet and vial of oil will arrive gift wrapped in a lovely organza bag, making this the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the benefits of aromatherapy

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